Colorful Carpet

This colorful rug brings a touch of joy to your home. The mats are woven from A.N.D's workshop offcuts; all the small pieces are left-overs from their own garment production.

The purpose is to recycle, reprocess materials and ultimately reduce waste.

High 145 x Lenght 71cm

Handwoven in pure cotton

The item can be hand or machine-washed at 30°; do not bleach or tumble-drying. If machine-washed, it should be placed in a large washing-net bag. Dry flat away from direct sunlight.


CHF 45.00 CHF 31.50


AMBOH Espadrille


Respect of the environment and human being


Independance and freedom through Fair Trade

AMBOH literally fabric yarn in Khmer, is a new original shoe brand making espadrilles in Cambodia. Amboh espadrille are handmade by Cambodian women in a small workshop in Phnom Penh (the capital). All the fabrics used have been bought locally and the most emblematic, the Krama, traditionnally made by rural families, is the flagship product of the brand.

Amboh operates using fair trade practices and takes care of those who make Amboh posssible. “Our seamstresses work in good conditions, have health insurance, receive training and salaries above the average salary of factories, all in a family atmosphere. In addition, all our fabric suppliers are Cambodian and we pay fair prices for their products.