KOW Kids Slippers


Super confortable slippers, handmade with love with high quality yarns for a pleasant touch and feel

100% Quality

  • Handmade from a mix of sustainable icelandic lopi wool, soft merino wool and high quality acrylic yarns from the dutch yarn brand scheepjeshigh quality yarns.
  • Attached with dyneema, the strongest available threat to ensure your slippers will last you several seasons
  • Quality wool provides breathable insulation to keep your feet warm not sweaty
  • Leather soles make the slippers anti-slip and prevent wear and tear

100% Ethical

  • Responsibly made with care: KOW offer sustainable employment, fair wages, a safe environment and extra benefits for their team. “We don’t just press for good working conditions, we determine them”

100% Eco-friendly

  • Made from renewable and biodegradable yarns : KOW likes to keep its footprint light
  • Zero-waste manufacturing : KOW produce little waste, and whatever cut-offs they collect and them turn into new products
  • Made to be your long-term relationship : KOW doesn’t believe in seasonal or serial, these slippers will stay with you for more than one season!

Kow sizes cover 2 regular european shoesizes; the slippers can be slightly tight in the beginning and will shape to your feet for maximum comfort.

Available sizes:

  • 22-23 / 1-2 yo / approx. 14 cm
  • 24-25 / 2-3 yo / approx. 15 cm
  • 25-26 / 3+ yo / approx. 16 cm

Kow slippers can occasionally be machine-washed using a cold wool program. Dry flat to maintain shape. Regular machine washing is discouraged as it will cause pill and increase the risk of shrinkage.

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CHF 45.00


KOW (Kingdom of WoW)


Respect for People and for the Environment


Minimal environmental footprint, maximal social impact

“We don’t just press for good working conditions, we determine them”

KOW slippers are manufactured in their own workshop: “that way we have full control over all aspects of manufacturing including working conditions and supply- and waste management. The human aspect of manufacturing is pivotal to us: an artisanal, hand-crafted product made from fine yarns is a work of love. The care and commitment we have for our staff is returned by them in the care and commitment they show to their work.”

Minimal footprint, maximal creativity

KOW source and produce with the aim to leave a minimal footprint on this planet. A big goal for a small company, but they make their choices in careful consideration of the impact they have on this planet. There are no chemicals used in the process of making KOW slippers and their zero-waste project allows the team to exercise their creativity and redesign scrap materials into exciting new products.