Meditation Rug

This beautiful rug is hand-woven using garment factories leftovers. The purpose is to recycle, reprocess materials and ultimately reduce waste.

Relax comfortably in a Zen corner with your serendipity meditation carpet (pair with the Darma cushion). You can also use it for your pet: cats love it


Polyester and Thai cotton

5 Tips :
1. Wash with detergent that has the less PH so it won’t break the color of the rug.
2. Brush it thinly
3. Spray with water and make sure there is no detergent liquid anymore.
4. You can also soak in water with a fabric softener 10 minutes.
5. Let it dry : Keep it stand under the hot sun hence you will spend less time to let it evaporate

Note : Do not fold the rug otherwise you will break the shape of the rug and the thread might spoil as well

Beige / dark beigeBeige / dark beigeDark beige / dark blueDark beige / dark blueGrey / Light blueGrey / Light blueLight blue / Dark blueLight blue / Dark bluePink / Dark beigePink / Dark beigeTurquoise / WhiteTurquoise / White

CHF 65.00CHF 85.00


Smile village




Rehabilitation, training, providing job opportunities

Smile Village was created by the NGO STEP (STEP stands for “Solutions to End Poverty”) and PSE (For a Child Smile, an incredible NGO that has allowed thousands of children to have access to education, to come out of extreme misery and to have access to good jobs).

Among the poorest people in Cambodia, skydivers (waste pickers) earn less than $ 1.5 a day.

Smile Village works to provide them a safe and healthy place to live with their families, trains them to get new skills, so that they will be able to have a sustainable job and get out of extreme poverty