Cambodia Knits

This extra large travel kit can hold all your beauty or accessories.
The patterns are the result of a stencil printing process using a thin silk screen.
Here’s a unique pouch made in joy and freedom.

29cm x high 21cm x width 9cm.

100% woven cotton

Machine wash at 30°

Black Pangha cosmeticBlack Pangha cosmeticBlue Pangha cosmeticBlue Pangha cosmeticBrown Pangha cosmeticBrown Pangha cosmeticPink Pangha CosmeticPink Pangha Cosmetic

CHF 29.50


Sak Saum


Human trafficking and prostitution


To Rescue, To Restore dignity, To Transform Livelihoods

« We believe change is possible – we see it everyday »

Sak saum is dedicated to the rescue, transformation and rehabilitation of vulnerable and exploited women and men.Our products are much more than a fashion statement
Every item you buy from Sak saum is a tangible piece of someone’s improved life and tells the profound story to their freedom and for a better future.
All aspects of our production bring empowerment and dignity to our artisans

For more than 10 years, Sak Saum has helped over 100 women to escape from forced prositution